“Friends,how many of us have them? We need friends, ones you can depend on…”

The time and investment in friendships will always pay off.

Just like money…when placed in the right place it gains value.  Ok, yeah I know it looks like some friendships don’t seem like they will ever payoff… Ups and downs, highs and lows, “can’t believe you said and did that!”

But, the same way interest rates go up and down and you don’t pull your money out because it doesn’t make sense to keep moving it around because of dips in the market… Do the same with friendships.

Leave your investment where it’s at… Just move the bulk of it so the lost is not as great and the pain.  Remember, the little bit you leave there  WILL eventually payoff.

Some friends may not provide a return till years later…but, remember your time and love will ALWAYS pay off.

Because, the investment you make in a friendship… someone has also invested in you. We all fall short.  So, lighten up!



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