Make what’s difficult… fun!

Dressing Fast

Give your children practice in dressing themselve with this gam.  It’s fun to do on their own, but even more fun to do if they have a friend over to play.

What you need:

  • Dressing-up clothes – Parents old clothes work well for this game

What to do:

Give each child a pile of similar clothes- maybe a shirt, pair of long pants, socks and a hat each.  Say “go” and they must run to their pile of clothes, put them on over their OWN clothes, and do up all the buttons and fasteners.  The they run back to you.

Dont’ forget to have a camera handy! This game is lots of fun at brithday parties, as well as being terrific practice for doing up buttons, clips and zips.

If you are playing it with your children on their own, they can try to beat the clock, or use a stopwatch or food timer.

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