Remember when…

Remember when it didn’t matter if you were fludding… because everyone else (kids and parents alike) were.  (see photo lol)

Remember when we took family photos and got a coupon for a free 8X10 photo for just participating.

So much has changed.  We had dreams about who we were going to be? What we’d have and even look like.   So, when I look at this photo I remember the night we all met up at Bethel and took pictures.  I remember being so excited and yet upset because my mom made us wear our choir skirts as part of our picture outfit…. But hey, look at my little brother – we got off easy.

Little YOYO, happy and smiling on the left.  My mom and dad soooooo young yet, parents. My sister Delvie always ready to take on the world.  My brother so sweet and always supportive and having my back even though he was my “baby” brother.

I wish I could go back… when it was easy and simple (Don’t you?).  If I could go back I’d tell my mom and dad over and over thank you for always loving me! I’d tell my sister it doesn’t matter how different we are – I still love you, even though life will make us grow apart!  And, I’d hold my brother and never let him go….

Remember when… life was easy.   Fight hard to help your kids always REMEMBER.

Thank you Gordon and Barbara Brooks for giving me a million things to remember and share with others for the rest of my life.


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