What’s the plan?


Without a plan, there is no target to aim for. We are shooting arrows into the woods haphazardly, content to empty our quiver without any return.  Yet, the wise hunter does not waste arrows; he patiently observes, learns and plans.  Planners take careful aim and are rewarded by piercing the heart of their quarry.  They strike bull’s-eye because they keep their eyes on the prize and plan diligently.

Sometimes if feels as though all your plans have failed or just did not turn out “the way you planned”.  Been there. But, let’s take a different approach… try God’s plan.

Once He gives you a plan, you must have the courage to make the necessary decisions to conform your life into the image of the plan.   I have learned that many people fail because they cannot make decisions.  You cannot spend your life choosing; you must decide.  The decisions you make must be informed.

No one can make wise decision with poor information.  Surround yourself with people who will not waste your time with faulty information.

There are people in your life… that was not part of the plan.

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