Blind Spots…

Beware of blind spots. Make sure that your emotions are not driving your decisions toward destruction.  CALM DOWN, Breathe and remember it can only last so long. Yep, whatever it is it will come to an end… the pain can’t go on forever. Because, just as seasons change so can and will your situation.

When we panic when do things that often can’t be undone… trust ME. Trust God on this one. This is the only way I have survived things that should have taken my sanity and my health.   CALM DOWN.  You got this!  But,YOU have to know it! YOU GOT THIS! Don’t let folks knock you off your square. Get up. Smile. Dress up. And take someone else with you. Yes, you have enough strength in you to help someone else.  Someone is watching how you get through this. Most times it’s our kids.

We can not divorce our emotions from the decisions we make, neither should we make them the North Star by which we guide our campass.   The most dangerous emotion that influence our  decisions are anger bitterness, and envy. Each one interrupts you into viewing circumstances as if they were images in funhouse mirrors.  Each one creeps up alongside us like a car in the blond spot of our rear view vision.

Look at the WHOLE picture.. you are probably doing better than you think.

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