Ms. McCorvey

My elementary school teacher Ms. McCorvey (now Mrs. Johnson). Ms. McCorvey. As a teacher she modeled for me what a lady should be.   She spoke at a whisper. She’d bend down on our level to assist students when they didn’t quite understand (almost in her own way indicating – let’s learn together). She was heard her talking or down playing her peers (other teachers) and definitely not the Principal.

Ms. McCorvey always saw me as trustworthy… as I was her “little” note messenger to the other classrooms when I finished my assisgnments early.  She’d say “Yolanda wait for an answer and bring it back”. I never peeked – not even once.

I ran into her about 8 years ago as I was shopping in TJ Maxx with the cart loaded with “future” layway items.  Yep, when you’re shopping for 6 kids the cart is piled high… thank God for layaway!   I heard her voice 10 feet away and by reflex shouted out “Ms. McCorvey?”  To my surprise she turned around, sqinched her eyes and said, “Ms. Brooks? I thought I’d pass out! Right there on top of the kids in the layway line!   As I pulled my self together we headed towards each other. She goes on to tell my children that I was “trustworthy” as a student, they nodded in agreement and stated “people always says that about her now”, as their eyes got big.  I do believe because of this I always sought and endeavored to be trustworthy because MY TEACHER Ms. McCorvey expected and positioned me to be.

Teachers matter!

I saw Ms. McCorvey a few days ago, as she stood in my office, smiling and telling her friend on the phone how proud she was of me.  She then looked at me and said…Yolanda we all knew you’d make it. We knew.

How do teachers KNOW?  Teachers possess the power to birth and launch greatness in EVERY student.  They see pass what kids don’t know and what they CAN learn. They are my super heroes!

To all teachers that loved YOYO! Thank you for making me want to soar!


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