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Just Do It

August 15, 2018 yeddins 0

What will it take for you to move forward? The “signs” are all there.  Shouldn’t we get smarter the older we get? Unfortunately, this is […]

Parents Secret Power

May 18, 2017 yeddins 0

Every parent despite their income, color or size possess a “special” power.   Unfortunately, parents rarely use it.  We allow our busy schedules and how we […]

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Ms. McCorvey

May 3, 2017 yeddins 0

My elementary school teacher Ms. McCorvey (now Mrs. Johnson). Ms. McCorvey. As a teacher she modeled for me what a lady should be.   She […]

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Blind Spots…

April 28, 2017 yeddins 0

Beware of blind spots. Make sure that your emotions are not driving your decisions toward destruction.  CALM DOWN, Breathe and remember it can only last […]

The Basics

April 24, 2017 yeddins 0

Yes, I know this shoe lacks the name Nike, Adidas, Reebok or Converse and people probably won’t notice… But this shoe worked. We’ve got to remember how it […]

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The Right People

April 24, 2017 yeddins 0

Many folks are raising their children absence a parent, strong community, connected church, and even a stable school environment.  But, none justifies not filling the […]

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Remember when…

April 23, 2017 yeddins 0

Remember when it didn’t matter if you were fludding… because everyone else (kids and parents alike) were.  (see photo lol) Remember when we took family […]