Radi-YO Station

On The Go Radi-YO Network powers the voice of community and change.   This network believes radio should be entertaining but, also value the time of each listener.  We know as days go by faster the average person struggles to effectively balance home, family, work, church and a social life.  On The Go Radi-YO is meets you where you are! From cooking dinner, working out at the gym, driving, and even at the office.
The lineup of shows, music and commentaries provides adults, youth and community with resources and information that inspires listeners to re-align their hopes, values, family and life.
On the Go Radi-YO inspires change through conversation, music, and exposure to a lineup of host that are committed to having fun, service and change.  On The Go Radi-YO brings will bring you a variety of music and shows; from Motown, Christian and Gospel, Classical, Country and light R&B.